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Тур: Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson performs new album ‘Homo Erraticus’ plus The Best of Tull

  • 12 сентября - Seattle, Washington - McCaw Hall - США
  • 13 сентября - Goldendale, Washington - Maryhill Winery Amphitheater - США
  • 15 сентября - Redding, California - Cascade Theater - США
  • 17 сентября - Oakland, California - Fox Theater - США
  • 18 сентября - Costa Mesa, California - Segerstrom Center for the Arts - США
  • 19 сентября - Las Vegas, Nevada - The Pearl Concert Theatre - США
  • 20 сентября - Mesa, Arizona - Mesa Arts Center - США
  • 21 сентября - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Kiva Auditorium - США

"Pied Piper"


Now if you think Ray blew it,
there was nothing to it.
They patched him up as good as new.
You can see him every day ---
riding down the queen's highway,
handing out his small cigars to the kids from school.
And all the little girls with their bleached blond curls
clump up on their platform soles.
And they say ``Hey Ray --- let's ride away
downtown where we can roll some alley bowls.''
And Ray grins from ear to here, and whispers...
So follow me. Trail along.
my leather jacket's buttoned up.
And my four-stroke song
will pick you up when your last class ends;
and you can tell all your friends:
The Pied Piper pulled you,
The mad biker fooled you,
I'll do what you want to:
If you ride with me on a Friday
anything goes.
So follow me, hold on tight.
My school girl fancy's flowing in free flight.
I've a tenner in my skin tight jeans.
You can touch it if your hands are clean.
The Pied Piper pulled you,
the mad biker folled you,
I'll do what you want to:
If you ride with me on a Friday
anything goes.
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